Sunday, 14 December 2014

Off to church - re-unification?

Went to St. Michael's, on the Mount, Guildford, yesterday for first service attended there since August 2011.

Hope this is sealed by the formal re-unification between our synods. Though that may take a while. Must go now!

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  1. Well, there was ultimately no re-unification and Father Augustine has ended up resigning. There is no longer any mutual participation in services on the Mount. The Free Serb parishes in West Ealing, London and in Leicester have, however, now joined the True Orthodox Church of Serbia and we are now in communion with them. We have visiting priests now from France, Greece, and America (and potentially from elsewhere). And there is the possibility of benefiting from the fallout from the scandalous (robber) Council of Crete. Things never stand still!