Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I haven't been on this for a while

I haven't been on this for a while. Checking that it is still working!


  1. Not really my main blog at the moment. That is the wordpress one

  2. Comments on politico blog just posted below:

    Adrian Whyatt
    Let’s hope they make good progress, in line with EU membership requirement to be constructive, or communautaire, which still applies. Big smiles from British negotiating team, none from EU team. For whom anyone leaving (French colonies, Belgian and Dutch colonies getting independence; Greenland, and now the UK, are all defeats for their expansionist ideas). Fulfilment of next part of Orthodox Christian anonymous prophecy of Mount Athos of 1053 (after English having to leave India), “England for the Saxons only” looms with Brexit

    Posted on 7/17/17 | 3:46 PM CEST

    Adrian Whyatt
    Further to previous:

    3. An Anonymous Prophet of Mount Athos (1053). After describing the main events of the early 20th century with amazing accuracy, the prophet continues:

    “New European War [1939-1945]. Union of Orthodox Peoples with Germany [1940]. Submission of the French to the Germans [1940]. Rebellion of the Indians and their separation from the English [1947]. England for the Saxons only. Victory of the Orthodox, defeat of the Muslims. General slaughter of the Muslims and of the barbarians by the Orthodox peoples. Anxiety of the world. General hopelessness on the earth. Battle of seven states for Constantinople and slaughter for three days. Victory of the largest state over the six. Union of the six states against the seventh, Russia, and slaughter for three days. Cessation of the war by an Angel of Christ God, and handing over of the city to the Greeks. Submission of the Latins to the unerring faith of the Orthodox. Exaltation of the Orthodox faith from the East to the West. Cessation of the Roman papacy. Declaration of one patriarch for the whole of Europe for five or fifty years. In the seventh is no wretched man; no one is banished. Returning to the arms of Mother Church rejoicing. Thus shall it be. Thus shall it be. Amen.” Can be found, ironically, at: http://thesobornost.org/2014/01/prophecies-about-russia/. Of course in 1053 the great schism of 1054 was looming (Azymite heresy which still prevails in the West (there was a Westxit (apart from England and the British Isles which had gone out of communion with Rome in 1052 with the deposition of Lanfranc as Archbishop of Canterbury, and were forcibly brought back in by the Azymite (no yeast, replacing bread with unleavened wafers in their communion, a Judaizing heresy) Papist blessed Norman Conquest of 1066) and it was natural enough to wonder how the Latin Azymite Roman Papist heresy would be resolved. England for the Saxons only (of which Brexit is a key part) is part of this process.

    Posted on 7/17/17 | 4:06 PM CEST

    Adrian Whyatt
    Link for full details of previous post’s Orthodox Christian prophecy of 1053 “England for the Saxons only” ironically here: http://thesobornost.org/2014/01/prophecies-about-russia/